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Firearm and tactical training

Un-armed and combat defense including knife fighting

Training of game scouts to an internationally recognized level in Wildlife Protection & Management.


This training includes : weapons training,map reading & navigation, communication & signaling, tracking,

patrol & tactical movements, reaction drills, ambush tactics, medical & first aid, survival techniques,

ground coverage & collection,

surveillance & intelligence gathering, wildlife and bush knowledge.

OHS Principles

Security Skills Program 1-5 (old security grades E_A) and reaction.

Conduct access and egress control

Use Security Equipment.

And much much more

Training Academy

The Training Academy is set up in the recognition for the need to fulfill the training of pupils in various fields in security.  Exciting opportunities await the graduates

The academy has NQF Training System in place and qualifications obtained are internationally recognized.

Students are taught the basic platform of security in the first year leading up into specializing in various fields in the second and third years.

The training leads to careers which include K9 Handling, crime scene monitoring,  anti poaching,  intelligence and body guarding.


Online Form PDF Form FULL FIREARM COURSES AVAILABLE ON:  Basic firearm training Business unit training Regulation 21- Security companies/law enforcement New Development Learner ships (grades E-A)

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